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Stream in West Virginia

E&S recently updated the Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system previously developed for the U.S. Forest Service (FS) by E&S and FS staff. Results of model scenarios showed that many southern Appalachian Mountain streams exhibited modest recovery of acid neutralizing capacity (ANC), but soil base saturation is not expected to recover to levels approaching pre-industrial …

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NADP 2018 Conference

E&S scientists Todd McDonnell and Timothy Sullivan will attend the fall 2018 conference of the National Acid Deposition Program (NADP) in Albany, NY in early November. Drs. McDonnell and Sullivan are heavily involved in activities of the NADP Critical Loads Science Committee that synthesizes and projects effects of atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen air pollution  on …

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The journal Environmental Science & Policy just published an article titled “Air Pollution Success Stories in the United States: The Value of Long-Term Observations“.  The article is authored by the president of E&S, Dr. Sullivan, together with ten of the leading experts on air pollution and its effects in North America.

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E&S research focused on biodiversity at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in NH, Shenandoah NP in VA, and Great Smoky Mountains NP in TN has been published in the journal Environmental Pollution. Two model chains, VSD+PROPS and ForSAFE-Veg, were used to evaluate effects of future climatic and atmospheric nitrogen deposition conditions on understory vegetation and to …

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  E&S recently completed another year of water quality monitoring on the Klamath River system in Oregon and California to track changes in cynobacteria, nutrients, and other water quality parameters. Samples are collected bi-monthly to monthly from multiple river and reservoir locations.

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CRC Press released a new book by E&S president, Timothy Sullivan, on “Air Pollution and it’s Impacts on U.S. National Parks”. The book represents the culmination of many years of research conducted by E&S for the National Park Service.

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