E&S Environmental offers an extensive line of research, assessment, and consulting services for local, state, federal, and private clients. We have provided research services throughout the United States for seven states, three national laboratories, and nearly all federal natural resource agencies.


Our Environmental Assessment services focus on a wide range of topics, including various aspects of air, water, and soil pollution. These assessments have been conducted at locations throughout the United States.

Our Ecosystem Modeling efforts have been used to estimate ecosystem change over time in soil and water acid-base chemistry, critical and target loads, eutrophication, and effects of climate change and nutrient input on biodiversity.

Most of our assessment and modeling efforts include GIS & Technical Applications. We work with a variety of environmental data layers that are regional to global in scale and involve conditions of air, soil, water, and biota and the effects of human activities on natural ecosystems.

Target audiences for Education & Outreach assessment products range from K-12 children and the general public to scientists, policy-makers, and other environmental professionals. Specific products are tailored to the intended target individual(s). Many of our air and water pollution efforts bridge the gaps among science, policy, and resource management.