Target audiences for Education & Outreach assessment products range from K-12 children and the general public to scientists, policy-makers, and other environmental professionals. Specific products are tailored to the intended target individual(s). Many of our air and water pollution efforts bridge the gaps among science, policy, and resource management. See some of our education and outreach projects.

Graphic Design

E&S provides a wide range of graphic design and artistic support services for environmental assessments and analyses. These range from preparing user-friendly executive summaries for technical reports to creating custom artwork or dioramas that illustrate complex scientific interactions. A few examples are listed below:

    • Brochure and pamphlet layout and design
    • Website design
    • Computer graphics
    • Chart and graph alterations and exports
    • Dioramas illustrating impacts of agriculture on stream water quality
    • Illustrations
    • Flow charts

Books & Publications

The E&S Environmental Publications Division, E&S Geographic & Information Services, is a support division of E&S Environmental. This division writes and publishes books, pamphlets, and brochures on environmental, natural resource, and scientific topics. Additionally, the following services are available:

    • Interactive web mapping
    • Website design
    • Artwork and illustrations
    • Document editing and production