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E&S staff developed a comprehensive assessment of the expected risk to various biological endpoints within all National Forests and wilderness areas of the Intermountain Region. Risk was characterized with critical loads of atmospheric N deposition to protect against species levels of effects on aquatic biota, lichen communities, and individual tree species. Substantial portions of the …

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Stream in West Virginia

E&S recently updated the Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system previously developed for the U.S. Forest Service (FS) by E&S and FS staff. Results of model scenarios showed that many southern Appalachian Mountain streams exhibited modest recovery of acid neutralizing capacity (ANC), but soil base saturation is not expected to recover to levels approaching pre-industrial …

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NADP 2018 Conference

E&S scientists Todd McDonnell and Timothy Sullivan will attend the fall 2018 conference of the National Acid Deposition Program (NADP) in Albany, NY in early November. Drs. McDonnell and Sullivan are heavily involved in activities of the NADP Critical Loads Science Committee that synthesizes and projects effects of atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen air pollution¬† on …

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