GIS Services:

Map Production and Geospatial Data Analysis

E&S Environmental Chemistry provides a variety of geographic information system (GIS) services to clients across the United States. GIS is a computer mapping system used for creating customized maps, viewing spatial relationships, and conducting complex spatial analyses. GIS connects computer-based maps with databases, making it possible to query a database and view the results on a map, or vice-versa. By overlaying layers of GIS data, the relationships between different types of geographic information become apparent. For example, by overlaying the locations of impassable culverts with salmon migration routes, it is possible to identify the locations where salmon migration is being hindered.

E&S offers a wide range of services in GIS analysis, spatial database construction and management, custom mapping, interactive web mapping, GIS training, system installation, and quality assurance/quality control. E&S has considerable experience with GIS-based resource modeling, and has used GIS and image processing for water quality, air quality, watershed analysis, and other natural resource applications. In recent projects, we have used GIS to link historical water quality to changing land use practices within watersheds, to extrapolate base cation weathering estimated using a dynamic watershed model to the regional landscape, to analyze the effects of acid rain and contaminants, and to evaluate historical trends. Our GIS services include:

  • Watershed modeling
  • Pollutant exposure analyses
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Land use monitoring
  • Watershed planning
  • GIS software installation and base-line training
  • Data retrieval and compilation for simple or complex, area-based analyses

Highlighted below are some of our projects related to GIS:


Other GIS-related projects conducted by E&S Environmental Chemistry can be found on our GIS Projects page.