Watershed Assessment Services:

Watershed Assessments and Analyses

E&S Environmental conducts watershed assessments and analyses following both state and federal guidelines. E&S has produced numerous watershed assessments for watershed councils following Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) methods, as well as watershed analyses that conform to federal watershed analysis guidelines. In addition, we have completed many assessments of watershed conditions, including water quality, wetlands, and historical watershed conditions.

We completed a prototype watershed analysis of the Trask watershed for the Oregon Department of Forestry and U.S. Bureau of Land Management, following both OWEB and federal protocols. Click here to see some of the watershed assessments completed by E&S Environmental Chemistry.

E&S Environmental provides various services for watershed assessments/analyses including:

  • Current conditions assessment
  • Historical conditions assessment
  • Land use effects analysis
  • GIS analysis
  • Aerial photo interpretation
  • Watershed science technical assistance
  • Field data collection and workshops
  • Public education and outreach

Topics commonly addressed in watershed studies:

  • Hydrology
  • Water quality/water use
  • Channel habitat types (CHTs)
  • Aquatic species and habitat
  • Terrestrial species and habitat
  • Riparian conditions
  • Wetlands
  • Sediment and erosion
  • Road and culvert conditions
  • Land use
  • Forest structure
  • Road conditions

Below is a link to some watershed assessments we've completed in Oregon: