Air Quality Services:

Air Pollution Effects Research

Yamhill County, OregonE&S Environmental Chemistry provides services in many aspects of air quality and the effects of air quality on natural ecosystems. Our research and assessment activities focus on the following types of air pollution stressors:

  • Atmospheric deposition of acidifying substances
  • Atmospheric deposition of nutrients
  • Atmospheric deposition of toxic materials
  • Particulate concentrations in the atmosphere
  • Light scattering and absorbing materials
  • Ground-level ozone formation
  • We examine the effects of these stressors on a wide range of sensitive receptors, including those in remote wilderness and federal Class I areas (areas that receive the highest level of protection against air pollution degradation under the Clean Air Act). We monitor, assess, and/or model effects of air pollutants, including:

    • Surface water acidification
    • Soil acidification
    • Nutrient enrichment (eutrophication) of fresh and estuarine waters
    • Nutrient enrichment (and climate change effects) of plant communities
    • Visibility degradation
    • Ozone impacts on plants

    Highlighted below are some of our projects related to air quality: