E&S Environmental Publications Division

Radon Alert

Timothy J. Sullivan and Chris Moersch.

Staff from E&S Environmental Chemistry, Inc. teamed with Learning Quest, Inc., a Corvallis-based curriculum design and teacher training company, to develop six teacher guides on radon for New Jersey schools. Lesson plans aimed at the high and junior high school levels combined state-of-the-art scientific knowledge about radon occurrence, distribution, behavior, and health effects with educational core proficiency goals for science and mathematics in New Jersey schools. Funding was provided by the EPA's State Indoor Radon Grant Program, through the New Jersey DEPE, in an effort to reduce the threat to human health that radon represents. The resulting products were distributed to all high and junior high schools in the state. They include four separate high school series, intended for use in Biology, Chemistry/Physics, Earth Science, and General Academic courses, respectively. Two junior high school series focus on science and social studies courses. Teacher-training workshops were held throughout the state to introduce teachers to the new materials and provide instruction on the curriculum interface with the computer spreadsheet and graphing program LabQuest.

Curriculum development included pilot testing of draft materials in numerous schools and extensive teacher training. This curriculum provided students with opportunities for hands-on data analysis and exploration, with interface to an educational computer spreadsheet and graphing software program.