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Oregon Coast Recreational Atlas, A Guide to Natural Resources and Recreational Opportunities

Timothy J. Sullivan (1991), E&S Geographic and Information Services, Corvallis, Oregon, 106 pp.

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Here's all the information you will need to make the most of your coastal recreation.  From campgrounds and hiking trails to prime tide pools, whale watching, and birding areas, this book will tell you what there is to do on the Oregon coast, and where to do it.  The unique combination of detailed, full-color maps and descriptive text will help you to plan, schedule, and enjoy the most interesting and fun-filled vacation or outing possible. 

With partial funding support from the State of Oregon's Regional Strategies Program for economic development, this book is a coastal companion that every Oregonian and visitor will refer to over and over again while exploring Oregon's incredible coastline. The text takes the reader on a tour of the coast from north to south, pointing out the most interesting and noteworthy features within each numbered section.  The focus is on recreation and coastal natural resources.  Forty-three pages of full-color maps form the heart of the atlas. About 35 different kinds of resources and recreational options are mapped with easy-to-understand symbols.  

These are some of the topics and activities covered in this book:
whale watching golf lakes
hiking trails fishing streams
seal & sea lion watching crabbing beaches
horseback riding clamming roads
wilderness areas swimming dunes
sea bird colonies birding public docks
boat launches tidepools aquaria
visitor information centers lighthouses museums
charter fishing and boat cruises bicycling wildlife refuges
scenic railroads parks campgrounds

Special inset boxes provide topical discussions about tides, tidepools, sand dunes, wildlife, whales, fishing, bicycling, and safety considerations.  The unique combination of color maps and descriptive text helps the reader choose among the enormous diversity of recreational possibilities and then shows him/her how to get there.  Fact-filled reference tables provide specifics, including address and telephone number for museums, boat charter services, marinas, horseback riding stables, campgrounds, golf courses, sources for information, and major annual events.

User-friendly computer maps show the locations of natural resource items and recreational locations along the entire Oregon Coast.

Read some of the reviews of this book: 

"The first thing a book reviewer does with a new atlas is turn to the region with which he or she is most familiar and try to find an error.  It is difficult to find anything wrong in the new Oregon Coast Recreational Atlas....  The maps show virtually everything a recreationalist might want to do on the coast, from bird watching to golf courses... Wildlife, tidepools, and the sand dunes are explained in a thoughtful and comprehensive text..."


"useful beyond expectation....  The 106-page Oregon Coast Recreational Atlas... is as comprehensive as the title implies."

Sunset Magazine

"The heart of the atlas is the 42-page section of full-color maps, which show the locations of everything from golf courses, parks, and campgrounds to prime areas for bird-watching, tidepooling and whale watching."

Eugene Register-Guard

"The book contains coastline maps, descriptive text and tables on recreational adventures from Astoria to Brookings."

Wild Oregon Magazine