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Kids' Guide to the National Parks of California and Oregon

Jenna M. Sullivan and Laura C. Sullivan (2001), E&S Geographic and Information Services, Corvallis, Oregon, 116 pp.

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"GRRREAT reading for all kids and their families."

~ Yvonne McMillan
Interpretive Ranger
Lava Beds National Monument

"This kids' eye view of natural history will make your visit to the national parks even more enjoyable. It's packed with facts about geology, plants, and animals, as well as environmental and resource management issues. Science, history, and fun all rolled into one - the perfect package for family members of all ages. I loved it!"

~ David Peterson
Research Biologist
USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center

"This book will help kids have fun in parks, and learn something about preserving our national parks and the natural world."

~ Kathy Tonnessen
Rocky Mountain Research Coordinator
National Park Service

"I'm constantly on the lookout for park-related books for my nieces and nephew. I've had a hard time finding anything good for the ones that are now 10 to 12 years old. They would love this book! Thank you, Laura and Jenna, for writing next year's perfect Christmas gift.

~ Tonnie Maniero
National Park Service

"A treat to read for young and old, this book is filled with information about the parks and many wonderful adventures."

~ Gary Larson
Aquatic Ecologist
USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center

"Their style of description is informative, entertaining, and, above all, perceptive... The Sullivans put together an interesting and insightful presentation of the park [Lava Beds]. Surprisingly, on their first visit, the writers discovered and wrote about some of the park's secrets that even many locals don't know about. "

~ Sean Nelson
Teen Correspondent
Klamath Falls Herald and News


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