NYSERDA Projects:

Outreach and Design Publications

Actions and Response: Impacts of Emissions Policy on the Recovery of Ecosystems in New York from Damages Caused by Nitrogen and Sulfur Air Pollution

We have written and designed this pamphlet for NYSERDA to help interested stakeholders and the public understand the effects of air pollution on the natural and scenic resources of New York. These effects are known to harm some of the plants, soils, streams, fish, insects, and scenic vistas in New York.

This report describes the general patterns of damage to natural resources in New York caused by acidic deposition of sulfur and nitrogen, and highlights subsequent, on-going, ecosystem recovery. It also offers an indication of what scientists expect will happen to the damaged resources in the future as pollutant emissions continue to decrease.

The goal of this pamphlet is to educate stakeholders and interested citizens regarding the extent to which sensitive natural resources in New York are recovering from past damage caused by atmospheric deposition of sulfur and nitrogen.

Executive Summary Report - Comparison of Reported Effects and Risks to Vertebrate Wildlife from Six Electricity Generation Types in the New York / New England Region

E&S Environmental Chemistry prepared this summary of a report written for NYSERDA on the effects on vertebrate wildlife from electricity generation by coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric development, and onshore wind. The focus is on electricity generating sources that are important to New York and the New England states and their effects on birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Project Update - Critical Loads of Sulfur and Nitrogen Deposition to Protect and Restore Acid-Sensitive Resources in the Adirondack Mountains

E&S Environmental Chemistry has designed dozens of project updates for NYSERDA. These two-page documents summarize the methods, key results, and implications of resource projects funded by NYSERDA through the Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP) Program. One example is shown here.

Save the Date - 2007

We designed a mailer card to announce the 2007 biennial meeting for EMEP and NYSERDA.

Save the Date - 2009

We designed a mailer card to announce the 2009 biennial meeting for EMEP and NYSERDA.