Example Projects:

Pacific Northwest Projects

E&S Environmental Chemistry works for various agencies and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest, and our project list is extensive. Described below are some example projects that we are either currently working on or have completed in recent years.

Water Quality

E&S routinely conducts water quality studies throughout Oregon and elsewhere in the United States. These most often include experimental, monitoring, modeling, and/or data interpretation components. The focus is on multiple human-caused water pollutants, including nutrients, fecal bacteria, acidifying substances, sediment, and heat. Some example projects are listed below.

  • Land Use Effects on Water Quality in the Tillamook Bay Watershed
  • Streambank Restoration and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Riparian Buffer Effectiveness

Watershed Assessments and Analyses

E&S conducts watershed assessments and analyses following both state and federal guidelines. E&S has produced numerous watershed assessments for watershed councils following Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) methods, as well as watershed analyses that conform to federal watershed analysis guidelines. In addition, we have completed many assessments of watershed conditions, including water quality, wetlands, and historical watershed conditions. We completed a prototype watershed analysis of the Trask watershed for the Oregon Department of Forestry and U.S. Bureau of Land Management, following both OWEB and federal protocols.

GIS Projects

E&S has conducted many projects throughout the Pacific Northwest focused on GIS technology. We not only use GIS for our own targeted analyses, but have also analyzed the GIS needs of other organizations and have provided assistance in GIS training and installation.

Database Management

E&S has completed several projects in the Pacific Northwest related to database design and development, data quality evaluation, database management, and quality assurance and quality control.

Limnological Studies Associated with Hydropower Relicensing

E&S scientists have conducted numerous environmental studies for hydropower projects. Hydropower relicensing under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requires significant resources to design and conduct environmental studies, develop mitigation and enhancement measures, and negotiate with a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations. These detailed studies and plans are essential to meet the needs of hydropower operators and satisfy resource goals of regulatory agencies.