Multiagency Projects:

NPS Appalachian Trail Project

The Appalachian Trail MEGA-Transect Atmospheric Deposition Effects Study
E&S Environmental Chemistry is working as a collaborator on the Appalachian Trail MEGA-Transect Atmospheric Deposition Effects Study. This ongoing work is being conducted for the National Park Service under the direction of the U.S. Geological Survey. E&S's role in the project involves compiling various spatial data layers to assist in sampling site selection, developing a geological sensitivity classification system, extrapolating site-specific results to the broader landscape within the Appalachian Trail (AT) corridor, and synthesizing and evaluating project findings. Preliminary analyses have developed an approach to estimate the acid neutralizing capacity of drainage water as a function of watershed characteristics such as forest cover, elevation, lithology, and soils conditions.

This project is ongoing. Results are not yet available.

Download Working Database (Version 3: April 7th, 2013)