Staff Biographies:

Key personnel for E&S Environmental Chemistry, Inc. are highlighted below.  Additional outside consulting staff provide technical and field support services for many facets of E&S operations.

Timothy Sullivan, President

Ph.D., Biological Scientist/Environmental Chemist. Dr. Sullivan has more than 30 years of professional experience in regional environmental assessment, water quality, air pollution effects, model testing, and environmental education. He is the President and principal scientist for E&S Environmental Chemistry, Inc., Dr. Sullivan has published more than 125 peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and reports in environmental chemistry and biology.

Todd McDonnell

Ph.D., Research Scientist. Todd has over 12 years of experience conducting spatial analysis and modeling for environmental research and natural resource management. He is experienced in water quality and terrestrial biodiversity modeling, water quality assessment, air pollution and its effects, database design and management, statistical analysis, and all aspects of GIS applications. Much of his recent work has been focused on analyzing and modeling the effects of climate change and atmospheric sulfur and nitrogen deposition on water quality and forest health and on investigating the influence of human activities on water quality in mixed land use watersheds.

Deian Moore

B.S., Data Analyst and Graphics Specialist. Deian has over 10 years of field experience ranging from anadromous fish and amphibian population surveys to riparian and forest ecology studies. In addition to her ecological/biological experience, she is a graphics specialist providing website design and applications, as well as presentation, report, and cover art services. Deian has worked on a variety of environmental assessments by researching, analyzing, and preparing graphical outputs as well as creating GIS maps and overlays for environmental reports.

Jayne Charles

B.A., Office Operations Specialist. Jayne has worked as Office Manager and Document Production Specialist at E&S for 25 years. She manages all day-to-day activites at the E&S facility and is responsible for preparing, editing, and formatting E&S research and assessment products, including technical reports, manuscripts for publication in scientific journals, and books.